Collaborative Meeting - November 17th at 4pm

Collaborative Meeting - November 17th at 4pm

News October 29, 2019

As presented last week at all Masses we have much to celebrate as the Lynn Catholic Collaborative of St. Mary and Sacred Heart. Our collaborative is one of the original twelve groupings formed 7 years ago as the diocesan plan Disciples in Mission was implemented. Our success is due to the collaborative staff that has worked tirelessly throughout this process and with your prayers and help as the good parishioners of St. Mary and Sacred Heart.

As stated in the talks at all Masses, we do face significant challenges. Stagnant and in some cases decreasing Mass attendance has resulted in decreasing collections. This combined with our older buildings and increasing operating costs have made reaching our financial obligations very difficult. In addition, the declining number of ordained priests mean it is most likely that in the near future only one priest will be in our collaborative to serve our parishes. Our goal is to create a plan that will allow us to continue the good work that we do while facing these two significant challenges as well as others. To do this, we are holding an important meeting on Sunday, November 17 at 4pm in the library at St. Mary High School.

You are invited to participate in this meeting and to help us to make the important decisions that need to be made. It is important to note that no decisions have been made and we seek your input as we move forward.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out by calling the Collaborative Offices - (781) 598-4907.