Faith Formation

Our Family Faith Formation program is designed to support families to grow together as disciples. We gather at both parishes and schedule the times around the Masses. We are unique from other parishes because we have the parents stay with the children. All ages are welcome! 

St. Mary's - We gather on the first and third Sundays of each month after the 9 am Mass, from 10-10:30 am. We meet in the front pews of the church and sit as a family. 

Sacred Heart - We gather on the second and fourth Sundays of each month before the 10 am Mass, from 9:30-10am. We meet in the Sacred Heart meeting room, which is to the left of the main altar. 

Here is the Family Faith Formation Registration Form: Click Here

For the complete schedule of dates for Family Faith Formation including First Communion preparation and Confirmation Preparation Dates Click Here

If you have questions, please call the office at (781) 598-4907 or email us at