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We have kicked off a new campaign to ensure the future of our parish and address our financial situation. Please take a few minutes and watch or re-watch our new video! We are asking for everyone's involvement in three ways: 1) Praying for the sale of two properties on Boston Street, 2) Making a monthly pledge for the next 12 months to help us meet our goal of raising $100,000 to put towards our loans, and 3) Praying about your weekly offertory and increasing if you are able. Please let us know what questions you have! 

5/22 Message from Fr. Brian Flynn

Many thanks to those who have helped to make our My Church My Home Campaign a success! Many of you have made a pledge and/or already made your donation to help us to reach our goal of $100,000. Through your sacrificial giving I am pleased to announce that thus far $114,000 has been committed to this campaign! In addition, a few people are scheduled to meet with me to discuss their pledge. I am grateful to all who are participating and especially encouraged by those who have come to me with their questions, discussed their concerns, more fully understood what our plan is and then prayerfully made the commitment to help our parish! We couldn’t do it without you and I hope all reach out to make their pledge and help us to exceed our goal even further!

I am also very grateful to those who have increased their weekly or monthly sacrificial giving. Your efforts will go a long way in helping us to stabilize our financial situation and allow us to continue to provide the many ministries we now offer. Your prayers and support in this portion of our three pronged plan is a wonderful example of Intentional Disciples as Intentional Givers and we are blessed that you took the time to prayerfully consider and then commit to your increased giving.

Finally, in regards to the third part of our plan, we continue to engage with the Archdiocese in our efforts to explore the possible sale of property. The Archdiocese is helping us in securing a real estate agency that will aid us in our efforts to discern how best go about any potential sale. Again, no property has been sold and no property is on the market just yet as we seek to move forward with the input of experts in the field of property sales. We hope to soon have more information to share.

Again, I want to say how blessed I am and how blessed the parish is that so many have helped us to get to this point. I continue to pray that all will consider participating in our plan. It is through the sacrifice we all make for the My Church My Home Campaign that will allow our parish to continue to bring the gift of God’s love to our community.

God Bless, Fr. Brian Flynn


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