Grand Annual Collection

As you may know, this is this time of the year that parishes initiate their Grand Annual Drive. Our envelope users received their Grand Annual envelopes in their recent September-October package of weekly envelopes.  During the months of October-January, we kindly ask for your financial support of St. Mary of the Sacred Heart Parish through your generous participation in our Grand Annual Collection. The Grand Annual, in years past, was often saved to create a “rainy day fund” for our parishes.  Unfortunately, now it is needed to help support our operating budget.  Parishioners are asked to carefully consider an amount that circumstances will allow them to offer each year. All gifts are greatly appreciated.

If you are not on our envelope system, or give online through WeShare or GiveButter, we ask that you mail your donation directly to the parish office at 8 S. Common St., Lynn, MA 01902 address.

1. Click HERE to log onto GiveButter to make an online donation
2. Click HERE to log onto WeShare to make an online donation