First Communion Prep 2020

First Communion Information

Due to the continued closing of schools and travel restrictions, we have decided to postpone the First Communion preparation and Masses. We are doing this to help keep everyone safe, to provide time for the children and families to prepare, and to allow for as many family members to be able to be present as possible at the First Communion Masses.

Sunday, June 7th - First Communion Mass at Sacred Heart - 10am Mass
Sunday, June 14th - First Communion Mass at St. Mary's - 11:30am Mass

We will not be able to have the First Communion Masses on these dates as we have not yet returned to public Masses and do not know yet what we will be able to do in June. We want to schedule the Masses on dates when friends and family will be able to join us. The dates will be announced here when they are decided.

Please choose ONE of the following preparation times.
Option 1) Two Meetings - Tuesday, May 19th and Tuesday, May 26th - 5:00-6:30pm - St. Mary's
Option 2) One Meeting - Saturday, May 30th - 9:00am-12:00pm - Sacred Heart

When the Mass dates are set, we will also plan for the preparation classes for the children and their parents. 

For those who have not yet completed their First Confession. We will have a preparation class on Monday, May 16th from 5:00-6:30pm in St. Mary's Church.
We will also plan a date for first Confession for those who've not received that Sacrament yet.

PLEASE NOTE - If the current health crisis continues through the above dates, then we will reevaluate and reschedule again.

During this time when you are home with your families, here are some activities that you can do to prepare for First Communion. Each link brings you to a website with lots of different ideas. Choose some that you like and that will work best for your child.

1) Click HERE for Catholic Icing - The Icing on Your Catholic Cake
2) Click HERE for The Catholic Religion Teacher
3) Click HERE for
4) Click HERE for Pinterest - First Communion Craft Ideas
5) Click HERE for