LCC Update

Starting Saturday, September 5th the 4pm Mass will move from St. Mary Church to our other worship location at Sacred Heart Church. The safety protocols will be similar to what we have put in place at St. Mary's, but there are some differences. Please take a few minutes and watch the video that we made with Fr. Brian Flynn explaining what to expect when you arrive. Please CLICK HERE to watch the video!

Lynn is one of four communities in MA that have high rates of covid cases. While our parish community has not had any reported issues from our Masses, to help with prevention, we will be taking the temperature of everyone that comes Mass, starting tomorrow. The Archdiocese, seeking to keep all of us safe as we come to celebrate the Mass, has asked everyone to have their temperature taken. We will be checking your temperature at the door of the church, and looking for any temperatures greater than 100.3 F. If your temperature is higher than that, we will not be recording it, but asking you to return home and contact a doctor. We ask everyone - if you are not feeling well or have had contact with someone who has been ill or diagnosed with covid, please do not come to the church for Mass. We continue to celebrate Mass on Facebook LIVE on Sundays at 8am in Spanish and at 10am in English. 

When the governor and diocese gave permission for church buildings to be open once again, we opened only St. Mary Church for safety and logistical reasons. Our volunteers and all of you have done well to make the celebration of the Mass safe for all who wish to attend. Our parish of St. Mary of the Sacred Heart is now making preparations to open our other worship space, Sacred Heart Church. We are working out the logistics, preparing to train the volunteers, and getting ready to produce an video explaining the protocols. We hope to have further information to announce and put in the bulletin soon. Please check back again for more specifics. God bless.

We are making a change to our Facebook schedule. We are moving the Monday Rosary (English) to Tuesdays at 11:15am and moving the Friday Rosary (Spanish) to Thursdays at 11:15am.

This change is being made so that those who want to join us for the Rosary can come to St. Mary's Church at 11am and pray the Rosary with us live. The Rosary will be on Facebook LIVE for those not ready to come to the church. Also, we will now be having the 12:05 Daily Mass (English) on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Facebook LIVE.

We continue to have more people coming to Mass each weekend, and are hearing how safe people feel at Mass! Thank you to the volunteers and parishioners for working together to provide a safe and holy Mass.

Please watch this video of Fr. Brian Flynn and three parishioners speaking about their experiences at St. Mary of the Sacred Heart Parish since we reopened: CLICK HERE for the VIDEO

Good news! The Lynn Catholic Collaborative of St. Mary of the Sacred Heart Parish has reopened and is having Masses in St. Mary's Church. Our current Mass schedule is:

Saturdays 4pm
Sundays 8am (Spanish), 10am, 12pm, and 6pm
Weekday Masses on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:05pm, and Saturdays 9am
ALL Masses will be at St. Mary’s Church. This is a temporary decision, made because it is the larger of the two churches and with health and safety in mind.

The Year of the Eucharist is here! Everyone is invited to participate as a Year of the Eucharist Missionary. Click HERE to find out more.

All of our Volunteers are feeling healthy! Are you?
To keep everyone in our community safe, please do not enter the church if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have been in contact with someone showing symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19, or have any of the following symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

- Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass, but not more than 30 minutes prior.
- Please bring a mask with you and keep it on from when you exit your vehicle to when you enter your vehicle after Mass.
- Everyone will enter from the main parking lot, walking up the handicapped ramp. The front doors may be open for ventilation but will not be used as entrances.
- When waiting to enter, please use the markings to remain at least six feet apart.
- After you enter the church you will sign in with your name and phone number. We will be keeping track of who was at each Mass in the event that someone was diagnosed with COVID19.
- An usher will then bring you to the next available pew. Families in the same home will be sat together.
- Hand sanitizer will be available, but everyone is asked to bring their own if possible. If you do bring your own, please wait to use it until the usher is seating you, as everyone will be required to use the hand sanitizer before sitting.
- Once seated, please do not leave your seat.
- When the church capacity has been reached no one else will be admitted into the church.

- There will be minimal music and no congregational singing during the Mass as we will all be wearing masks.
- The priest, deacon, lector, and musician will not be wearing a mask while in the sanctuary as they are maintaining distance between them and need to be heard by everyone.
- There will not be a sign of peace.
- Please continue to sit, stand, kneel and join in saying the prayers of the Mass as we always have.

- When it is time to receive Communion, please remain in your seat until an usher asks you to enter the aisle. 
- The aisles will all be marked with one-way arrows and spacing to keep six feet apart from one another. 
- Everyone is asked to process to the front and back to their seats in order to preserve social distancing. If you are not prepared to receive the Eucharist, simply place your hands over your chest and continue in the line back to your seat.
- Anyone that is not physically able to walk to the front of the church should remain in their seat, and a priest will come to you at the end of Mass when everyone has left the church.
- The Precious Blood will not be distributed at this time.
- When you receive communion, step forward with your mask on, hold out your hands and the priest will drop the Eucharist into your hands, step to the side, pull down you mask, put the Eucharist in your mouth, put your mask back on, and follow the aisle back to your seat.

EXITING the Church
- At the conclusion of Mass, please remain in your seat until an usher lets you know that you can leave.
- Please follow exit through the aisle that the usher shows you, immediately leaving the building and going to your vehicle.
- We will not be gathering after any of the Masses.
- The church will be cleaned immediately after each Mass.

Knowing that many people will still be staying at home, including those that are 65+, with underlying medical conditions, and those who are not yet comfortable to leave their homes, we will have the 8am Sunday Mass in Spanish and the 10am Sunday Mass in English on Facebook LIVE so that everyone will be able to join us. Cardinal Sean has lifted the Sunday Obligation to attend Mass. 

We look forward to seeing you at Mass but are taking this process slowly. We want everyone to be safe and healthy. Please contact us with questions:
     Chris Carmody – [email protected]
     Donna Faieta – [email protected]
     Collaborative Offices – (781) 598-4907

Our current Facebook LIVE Schedule:
Click HERE for our Facebook Page
Sundays - Mass in Spanish 8am, Mass in English 10am
Mondays - Rosary at 11am
Tuesdays - Live with Fr. Flynn 7pm
Thursdays - Live with Fr. O'Hanlon 7pm
Friday - Praise & Worship 7pm

The First Communion preparation and Masses were postponed to June, but those dates have also been cancelled. We will wait to set new dates until a time when friends and family will be able to visit and join in the celebration with us. The new dates will be announced here when we are able to schedule them. Please click the link for resources to prepare for first Communion with your child.
Click HERE for information on First Communion Prep and Masses

We have received the date for the next Confirmation Mass, which will be October 17th at 4pm. Those candidates who have completed both years of preparation and are planning to be Confirmed in the fall should email Chris Carmody at [email protected]. Those completing their first year should hold onto their books and plan to join us next school year.

Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page to get reminders and updates when the links are posted and we do something LIVE. Also, please SHARE the LIVE videos so that your friends and family are invited to watch as well.

Click HERE for information about Food Banks

We Depend on Your Financial Support
Between now and returning to our normal schedule, please do not abandon us.  We need your continued flow of financial support to sustain us during this difficult time.  There are several ways by which you may continue to financially support the Lynn Catholic Collaborative of St. Mary and Sacred Heart Parishes:

WeShare Online Giving – With everything moving online, we suggest that you enroll in our online giving program with WeShare.
Click HERE to enroll and make a one-time donation or schedule your monthly donation

Personal Online Banking – Many of us pay our bills via online banking.  You may also make your donations to St. Mary Parish or Sacred Heart Parish in this manner.  Please add St. Mary Parish or Sacred Heart Parish to your online banking account by adding your parish as a new person/company to pay.  Please use the Collaborative Office address – 8 South Common St., Lynn, MA 01902, when adding the parish. This way, you will be able to make a one-time donation, weekly donation or monthly donation directly to the parish.  You may also set up your donation as a recurring event so that the donation is made automatically.

Weekly Envelope Users – Please continue your weekly envelope donations to St. Mary Parish or Sacred Heart Parish by mailing them directly to the Collaborative Office at 8 South Common Street, Lynn, MA 01902. 

Cash/Check Donors – If you usually donate to your parish via cash or check, by dropping it in the collection basket at Mass, kindly consider sending your donation, via check, made payable to either St. Mary Parish or Sacred Heart Parish, to the Collaborative Office at 8 South Common Street, Lynn, MA 01902.

In whatever way that you are able to continue to financially support the Lynn Catholic Collaborative during this extremely difficult time, we would be most appreciative.  Please do not forget us.  We have not forgotten you and continue to pray for you daily.